"I just want to say thank you to Nathania, Monica and Paul for leading such an amazing retreat! This was my first ever yoga retreat and they have set the bar so high that I'm not sure another will ever top it! I was hoping I would enjoy the instructors when I booked this retreat and after our first class together they all instantly became my new favorites! Amazing teachers! So much love to you all!!! Thank you!"   - Melissa V.

"There is simply no describing the depth of connection I felt with my 35 fellow travelers, none of whom I met before last Saturday night. For those that equate yoga to a bunch of hippies sitting around chanting OM, you have no idea how far off from the truth you could be. It simply transcends description, and can only be understood through engagement with the movement, the principles, and the beautiful community that evolves."   - Lacie C.

"Thank you for being so amazing. Don't change a thing about yourselves. I loved that you weren't "yoga travel experts" per se. I felt like we were ALL on a journey together figuring out how to make a magical experience. It was organic and real. Nat, you are such a force of nature. Trust your instincts; they are divine!"  - MiAngel C.

"This experience was completely transformative to the well being on my soul. The connections that were made with 35 strangers from all over the United states and Canada were authentic and absent of ego. We became a family almost instantly! I felt comfortable and supported and encouraged to be my true self. I am forever grateful for Nathania, Paul and Monica because they had a vision and held their vision into its fruition. Thank you all for having the courage to dream big! I will travel anywhere to be apart of such a beautiful and brilliant team. Thank you."  - Anonymous


"Dear Nathania, Thank you for being you, for discovering your life's passion and for letting it shine through! You are an inspiration and a true gift to this world. As for me, I am very happy that I showed up for myself. You were ready and have anticipated my needs (without ever meeting me), and the needs of many if I might say so. You had a structured program, offered lots of options, Kaila and Paul are amazing human beings, dedicated to their craft and very gifted teachers." - Daniela C.

"Excellent' does not describe this experience. The week with the Chill'Asana team was nothing short of life-changing. It is all about bonding with incredible people, in a magical setting, while doing something healthy for your mind and soul...except better than imaginable. There is room to do everything at one's own time and pace, which is what makes this retreat truly "chill". Haramara is a place with a genuine soul, and this is exactly what I would also say about the people who run the Chill'Asana retreat. No matter how you arrive to this place, you are leaving as part of an amazing tribe. I am coming back next year." - Ksenija T.