Dear Nathania, Thank you for being you, for discovering your life’s passion and for letting it shine through! You are an inspiration and a true gift to this world. As for me, I am very happy that I showed up for myself. You were ready and have anticipated my needs (without ever meeting me), and the needs of many if I might say so. You had a structured program, offered lots of options, Kaila and Paul are amazing human beings, dedicated to their craft and very gifted teachers. I missed only one of Paul’s martial arts because i was taking a massage, and the last Zenza Flow with Kaila because I was at martial arts. I worked to the bone, I challenged myself, my mind just to just do and not think or second-guess. It was just a unique experience. As a result, I am stronger and better, with a desire to keep going and step out of my comfort zone. It is a joy to be part of the whole experience. Have you thought about writing a book of thoughts? Highs and lows, any a-ha moments to be included in it? Thank you for being open and for finding a way to welcome each one of the participants into your heart. Much love, Daniela.
— Daniela C.