"I wasn't sure what to expect when I signed up to Chill'Asana's retreat. All I knew is that I wanted a chance to disconnect from my daily grind, do some amazing yoga in a beautiful natural setting and maybe make some new friends. Not only did I get precisely that but I also reconnected with my inner self and intuition in such a profound way that I never knew could happen in the presence of absolute strangers! Thanks to the loving guidance of our retreat leaders; whose tireless efforts were matched only by their unconditional love; I felt safe and accepted on so many levels. As a result, I could release whatever blockages were holding me back from my own spiritual path. Through the kind act of our honest, no BS sharing sessions (opening/closing ceremonies, hi’s and low’s) my fellow yogi’s and I bonded and grew closer by just relating to one another in ways that I didn’t think was possible. I came to learn so much about myself through the act of just listening, and witnessing that I realized I am not alone in my personal struggles. That together when we share and accept one another no matter what, we make ourselves stronger. That by showing each other support we build newfound strength in our own characters and forgive ourselves for our failures and frailties and say that its ok! We are ok that is just life! That’s powerful and I’m so grateful for everyone that didn’t hold back and embrace the process because it was healing old wounds - at least it was for me! So awesome!
J. Krishnamurti once said that listening without judgement is not only the highest level of human intelligence but it is also the expression of love. That's exactly what we all experienced their so thank you! Haramara is such a sacred place that words just can’t describe! Without this experience, I would still be struggling, stumbling in the dark trying to find myself. I now have a fresh outlook on life, a stronger commitment to my yoga practice, 20+ new family members that I miss dearly, and a new direction to simplify my life, follow my heart and practice living what brings me joy every single day, moment to moment! Can’t wait for Chill'Asana 2018!!!! we love you Nat, Paul and Kaila!!!!! :) Stay awesome!"
- Yokasta W.