Practice with Nat


Private Instruction

I offer private yoga classes at a West LA studio or in the comfort and privacy of your home or office. Private classes can be taken on a once in a while basis or multi-class package, usually with one or two classes per week. We will discuss your goals and what you hope to achieve mentally, emotionally and physically through your practice of yoga, and work together to find balance, strength and growth through sequences designed with your body and goals in mind. Classes are typically 60 minutes long and include asana (postures), breath work and optional discussion about the struggles you're currently facing.

Private classes can also be much more specific, like helping you work towards a pose or series of poses using targeted sequences that build the strength and stamina you need to get there and beyond!


Group Classes & Workshops

Big events usually come with a lot of stress. Why not be proactive and influence the mood with a fun, invigorating yoga class for your family vacation, group weekend getaway, bachelorette party, wedding shower or any other occasion! Group classes are a nice option for friends who don't usually have time to practice together, or to help drill down into some more challenging poses that don't get much attention in class. Classes are tailored to your group's needs, goals and experience levels. Group classes take place at a West LA studio or at your chosen location - indoors or outdoors, and require a minimum of 3 participants. Classes are typically 75-90 minutes long.


Corporate Classes

Health and wellness programs are increasing in popularity in corporate environments and have been shown to increase employee satisfaction and productivity. Corporate yoga classes are a great way to allow your team to reset during a stressful work day, or before work to set the tone for the hours that follow. Corporate classes take place at your facility and can accommodate as many practitioners as fit in your available space.